The Indofin Group is actively involved in the affairs of its subsidiaries and participations, providing technical and managerial assistance, underwriting equity issues and assisting in the strategic decision making process. The Group invests in various sectors including shipping and shipbuilding, energy services, manufacturing technology, information technology, natural resources and agriculture.

Industrial Technology

Indofin Group is the majority shareholder in Royal IHC, a reliable supplier of innovative and efficient equipment, vessels and services for the offshore, dredging and wet mining markets.

Together with strategic partners Indofin Group has interests in various technology and manufacturing companies (e.g. General Aluminium Works in Malaysia). Previous investments in technology and manufacturing companies included – among others – Dallas Semiconductor Corp., Cryenco Holdings Inc. and Trace Explorations.


Indofin Group has a history in the retail, leisure and cultural sector. Together with Charterhouse Development Capital Ltd., Indofin acquired Landal Greenparks in 1996. At that time the company operated 15 holiday parks with 200 employees. Upon divestment in 2004 these numbers were 53 and 1100, respectively. During the period turnover rose from €40 million to €115 million.

Indofin was a shareholder of Holding de Restauration Concédée with roadside restaurants in France and of the Spanish supermarketchain Superdiplo that was sold to Ahold.

Natural Resources

Indofin Group has a variety of direct and indirect interests in natural resources in North- and South America and Africa.

Indofin was one of the founders of Normandy Mining Ltd, the largest gold mining company of Australia during much of the late 20th century. It was taken over by the Newmont Mining Corporation in February 2002. Through Nordofin Group Indofin holds various Oil and Gas investments in Europe, the US and Canada with a special emphasis on shale and offshore oil and gas.


For over 45 years, Indofin Group has held interests in agricultural land holdings in the Netherlands, the United States, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

In Portugal, we own and operate the Quinta do Quetzal wine estate which produces the Quinta do Quetzal and Guadalupe wines.

Information Technology

Indofin Group actively participates in the Information Technology companies to support their growth and further development of their products.

Well known investments are our interests in AND International Publishers, Net Display Systems and RadiantFleet.


Indofin Group holds a diverse portfolio of investments in shipping companies, including interests in Gram Car Carriers Holding and Waterbos Shipping.

Together with strategic partners Indofin Group also has significant interest in the LPG, Drybulk and Crude Tanker segments. Previous investments of the Indofin Group are Cassiopia Investments, Neva Chartering AS, Fontanka Holdings Ltd. and GTW BV.