Indofin Group,
Global investment firm

Offices in Zug, Houston,
Willemstad and Rotterdam

About Indofin

Founded in 1968, Indofin is actively involved in the provision of private equity and the management of companies in Europe, the U.S., Canada, Australia and Asia, through minority and majority participations. The Group is 100% owned by the De Bruin family.

From its early years until present time the Group has preserved its private and independent character, whereby the founding family continues to play an active role in the management of the Group’s operations.


The Group is involved in various sectors including shipping, automotive, energy services, technology and media, software, natural resources, agriculture and real estate.

The Netherlands

Westerkade 3
3016 CL Rotterdam
The Netherlands


Unter Altstadt 28
6300 Zug

United States

Suite 1620
10375 Richmond Av.
Houston, Texas 77042


Landhuis Joonchi
Kaya Richard J. Beaujon z/n
Willemstad, Curacao